About SMA

Who Are We?

The Steveston Merchants Association's volunteer Board of Directors are Steveston business owners who are committed to increasing business for our membership. Our target markets are Steveston, Richmond, Metro Vancouver and visitors to the region.

Members receive exposure through newspaper and magazine advertising, exposure on our website, awareness campaigns, cross-promotions, shop local campaigns, and special events sponsored by the Steveston Merchants Association including the Steveston Scarecrow Crawl, Trick or Treating in Steveston Village, Girls' Night Out, Festival of Trees and Christmas in Steveston Village. In addition, the Steveston Merchants Association lends support to other Steveston special events as we see fit.

We encourage our members to foster relationships with one another and with our supporters, including Tourism Richmond, the City of Richmond and local non-profit groups, to form a strong alliance.

We work as advocates for beautification projects.  We are the voice for our members regarding issues that affect the business community including parking, road closures and safety issues, through strong communication with the City of Richmond. We work closely with Tourism Richmind, the Steveston 2020 Group and Richmond Chamber of Commerce.

We encourage all Steveston businesses to join the Steveston Merchants Association.

Board of Directors 

President Jim van der Tas Blue Canoe Waterfront Restaurant
Vice President Erinn Bryan O'Hare's Gastropub and Liquor Store
Board Member Cathy Cheung Sinfully The Best
Board Member/Admin/Treasurer/Marketing Carolynne Palla Palla Media/Steveston Insider
Board Member Beth McKercher Splash Toy Shop
Board Member Ceri Chong Tourism Richnond
Board Member Scotty Olak Little Mexico Cantina
Board Member Sukh Kaur Scotiabank

For more info contact Carolynne Palla, Administrator, at info@exploresteveston.com or 604-812-5658

Membership Information

We encourage all businesses in Steveston to join the Steveston Merchants Association.  If you have questions, please email info@exploresteveston.com


  • Membership Application Form (email for a copy)
Fill out the form and send to:
Steveston Merchants Association
c/o Steveston Post Office, PO Box 31856
3811 Moncton St
Richmond BC V7E 3A0

Or email the form to:

Who are we?
The Steveston Merchants Association is a group of likeminded business owners who are committed to promoting Steveston as a year round destination to benefit our members. We are committed to increasing sales and making our members businesses busy throughout the year.  We are a registered non-profit association with a fiscal year ending February each year. 

Why Join the SMA?

  • Become part of a strong alliance, to give you a voice on community issues that could directly effect your business
  • Exposure
    • Socializing and network with fellow business owners
    • Listing and your business info on the exploresteveston.com website with link to your own website
    • Businesses promoted via social media streams
    • Cross promotions between merchants
    • Shop local campaigns
    • Editorial in local and newspapers and magazines
  • Automatic inclusion in special events organized by the SMA, with discounted / free events fees
  • Be a part of shaping the future of Steveston
  • Increased recognition for contributing to, and participating in, recognized business association
  • Benefit from a support network of fellow industry professionals
  • Attend organized networking events (some with guest speakers)
  • Eligible to be nominated for the SMA Board of Directors

Current SMA Events

  • Steveston Scarecrow Crawl
  • Halloween Trick-or-treating
  • Girls' Night Out
  • Festival of Trees in partnership with Gulf of Georgia Cannery
  • Christmas in Steveston Village
  • Support other special events

First Year Achievements

  • Established a strong working relationship / partnership with the City of Richmond and Tourism Richmond
    • Created a strong alliance on community issues
    • There was previously no point of contact for the City of Richmond regarding merchant related issues in Steveston. The City of Richmond is delighted to have the SMA to communicate with
    • We have built an extremely supportive relationship with Tourism Richmond which is eager to assist us and help us thrive
  • Created and ran hugely successful events within the community
  • Advertising and create awareness of SMA businesses
  • Created a strong brand for the SMA
  • Created a great website and useful resource for locals and tourists
  • Social Media established with good following
  • Attracted editorial in both local and Vancouver newspapers 
  • Attracted TV coverage of Steveston, merchants & events
  • Increased awareness of Steveston businesses
  • Educated locals on "Shop Local"
  • Helped to put Steveston on the map as an all year round destination
  • Made charitable donations to the Food Bank, Christmas Fund and others
  • Helped create a community that Stevestonites are proud to live in
  • The SMA was invited to join a group representing all of Steveston's non-profit organizations, and the SMA now holds a seat on their board of directors

 Future Goals / Investment

  • Make Steveston into a brightly decorated Christmas village destination
  • Advertising in both Richmond & Vancouver 
  • Sponsorship of local events
  • Grow and enhance current SMA community events
  • More adult related events
    • October Fest
    • Themed Shopping Events
  • Create a Steveston Tourist Map with SMA members listed
  • Street Banners - changing frequently & promoting SMA initiatives
  • Hanging baskets and other beautification of the village
  • Welcome to Steveston sign with more direction signs
  • Continue to increase our membership
  • Website search engine optimization
  • Continue to represent the best interest of our members & steer traffic to their businesses